Operation Friendship Guests

2022 Inbound Operation Friendship visitors from Denmark

Erik and Birgit Thordal-Christensen

Erik and Birgit have been married for 44 years and have 3 girls.  All are married and they have 5 grandkids.

They live on a farm and Erik has been a farmer all his life.

They bought their current 100 hectares farm in 1978, and until year 2000 had 90 milking cows. In 2000 they sold all the cows and renovated the barn and put pigs in there, but now we are stopping farming.

Birgit have been working as kindergarten teacher in the local school for 30 years.

Erik is 71 and Birgit is 68 years old and we are both retired now.

When it comes to Lions, Erik was a charter member we started our club in 1987. We are at the moment 22 members and 5 of us are still charter members. We are a smaller club in the countryside.

Through the years, I have had lots of different jobs in Lions.  Zone chairman in 2008 and for some years, I was Lions quiet chairman.

In 2009 we had the visit of Heather and John Veltmeyer, through this operation friendship and since that we have been host for Peter and June Ho, and later on for Greg Nothling.

In 2012 we visited Heather and John on the Gold Coast but not through this operation friendship, but just as friends, so we have been there once before.